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Responsible tourism

We believe in sustainable, ethical and responsible tourism that generates income and creates job opportunities in Africa with special regard in the creative/cultural sector. 
Some elements we find important in the frame of our responsible tourism model: 
  • eco-friendly tourism facilities are favoured
  • he “real life” of locals is showed including the bad and the good sides of life
  • small and medium scale or family businesses are chosen as service providers and partners (guest houses, restaurants, guides, partner tour operators)
  • number of participants in the group remains low
  • rituals, even it is performed in the frame of a festival or a tourist program are encouraged to be continued in their traditional function and environment
  • lodges with traditional huts made from local materials are favoured
  • partners are locals and business owned by locals 
  • women partners or employees get the same amount of salary as men
  • women are considered as valued contributors during our tours
  • women are trained for guiding and to offer quality services (alimentation, accommodation)
  • participants receive information and awareness raising on appropriate attitudes and health risks including sexually transmitted diseases 
  • traditions are re-valued, the importance of the safeguarding of traditions is seen as a priority
  • lectures and knowledge exchange to facilitate cultural understanding is considered as an important element 
Additional thoughts and practices:
The involvement of local guides ensures work and salary for local guides but also gives tourists another point of interaction with them. It is observed that tourists ask several questions from local guides that are non-related to the visited place or scene. They chat about everyday life, child rising and family issues, etc. Sometimes, tourists invite local guides to stay after working hours and buy them dinner.
We are also keen to empower women. In the local food and souvenir markets, most sellers are women. Tourists are encouraged to buy souvenirs and artefacts from different shops. They are advised to buy pieces from different sellers, not to buy all pieces from one. This way, money is dispersed among them.
We encourage tourist to bring gifts if their baggage weight limits enables them to do so. School materials, clothing and sportive games for children; sportswear for wrestlers; parfumes, scarfs or long skirts for women are considered as highly appreciated gifts in those village communities or extended families we will get to know during our travels in Africa. If we have nothing left to hand out in the villages, we share love and moment of joy and friendship. 
We are sensible towards the life of our staff and crew members. If a family tragedy appears in the families of our guides or drivers we try to help them but donating them money or giving them medicines (in case of sickness). 


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