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About us

Small group and private tours to several African destinations based on unique itineraries in the light of responsible tourism.
The founder and CEO of Travels To Africa Tour Operator is Africa-researcher, Anthropologist and Cultural Heritage Manager Ildikó Hermina Szilasi (HUN). She extensively travelled in Africa during the past 15 years and visited 23 countries on the continent where she spent 6 years in total. She is married to a Senegalese artist (www.balletcamara.com) and the Honorary economic counsellor for Senegal in Hungary. She was the expedition leader of the CONGO- on the tracks of Emil Torday (2009) and Angola - on the tracks of László Magyar (2012) Expeditions. She is the author of two books (Congo; 2010; National Geographic branded); Children of war (2009) and cca 80 scientific and cultural articles related to various African topics. She is the founder of the Budapest Africa Expo and Fair (www.afrikaexpo.hu). She has special insights to secretive communities, feasts, festivals, communities and religious leaders. She is the designer and guide of all of the tours that you may find on this website. Ildikó speaks English and French fluently, Spanish in intermediate level and basic Lingala (Congo), and wolof (Senegal).
Travel To Africa Tour Operator a fully recognized International Tour Operator with an international Tour Operator licence. The CEO of the company is an Africa expert and anthropologist with 12 years of professional experience in Africa. We believe in ethical tourism that works closely with the Responsible Tourism Research Center on Responsible Tourism and Cultural Heritage preservation.
Our mission:
To share true adventures and positive travel experiences with our travelers. To create values by  doing responsible tourism. To generate revenues and create jobs in Africa with special focus on the cultural and creative sectors.
Travel with us if:
  • you prefer to be a traveler, not a tourist
  • you would like to get to places, festivals or feasts that would be impossible or very difficult to reach by yourself
  • you are not afraid to jump into a different culture and be a real part of it, not just see it from the outside
  • you are intrigued by all the adventures, challenges, explorations and lessons that the journey has to offer
  • you would like to get to know Africa better, and by doing so learn more about yourself as well
  • you are pleased with the idea that while we travel and enrich our own experiences, we also bring work opportunities to locals and their extended families,
  • you like the approach of cultural tourism linked with cultural development initiatives.
  • Member of the Hungarian Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents, May, 2014 (www.muisz.com)
  • Professional Recognition from the Responsible Tourism Research Center, May, 2014
  • Honorary member of Balla Gaye Traditional Wrestling School in Dakar, Senegal, April 2014
  • Honorary member of Sory Camara Dance Company in Dakar, Senegal, April 2014
  • Honorary member of Art Secret Pende Association, DR-Congo, Bandundu, Gungu, July 2012
  • Official Representative partner of Gungu Festival (DRC) in Hungary, DR-Congo, Kinshasa, July 2012
Other services:
  • complex planning and guiding of custom tailored business trips and incentive tours with unique itineraries
  • travel consultancy
  • preparatory courses for travels to Africa
  • complex planning and leading of Expeditions (DR- Congo, Angola, Central- and West Africa)
Why choose us?
  • we have extended relations and field experience in 23 African countries
  • our priorities are creating a trip that suits all your desires and wishes and also best fits your schedule
  • our philosophy: key focus remains on individualism, active participation and insight into local cultures while supporting and cooperating with our African colleagues and their extended families.
Travel To Africa Tour Operator
Ildikó Szilasi Africa-Expert, anthropologist, CEO
Authorization No: U-001476
Our office is a member of the Hungarian Association of Tour Operators. 
Address: 2030 Érd, Balatoni út 5.
Mobile: 06-20-541-0757
E-mail: info@travelstoafrica.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Travelstoafrica-Tour-Operator/314177105372418?fref=ts
Ildikó Hermina Szilasi is a PHD candidate in Anthropology, Africa-researcher, Economist and Cultural Heritage Manager. She has been working on African cultural, social and economical issues since 2002. She gained a deep understanding of African cultures and extended field experience on the continent, having worked in 23 African countries so far. She led two mayor scientific expeditions to Africa the Torday –Congo Expedition in 2009 and the Angola- László Magyar Expedition in 2012. She is familiar with the African cultures. She has guided several groups to Senegal, Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo. She speaks English and French fluently, Spanish in intermediate level and basic Lingala (Congo).
Some of our colleagues and partners in Africa:
It is important for us to give as many work opportunitites in Africa during our travels as possible. We love to work together with our local staff, they are all very nice and professional members of our crew. 
Kwesi  -Ghana
Kwesi has been working as a guide in Ghana for more than 10 years. He has a great sence of humor and a huge lexical knowledge about Ghanian culture. Kwesi speaks in English and Akan. His favourite sites are: Votla region; Kumasi; Mole National Park. 
Special friends in Africa: 
There are several local friends of us who makes our tours unforgottable! The success of our unique itineraries lies on their hospitality and openness! We would like to thank them for being always ready to invite us for their events, rituals, family events event. We can get a real insight to local cultures through them and we gain the most emotinal experience through them! 
Serigne Fallou Karim Mbacke and Abdoul Karim Mbacke religious leaders:
Amdy Baye Fall - murid monk 
Balla Gaye wresting coach


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